Led Zeppelin fans will now be able to do the WAP dance to a Whole Lotta Love.  Cool.

In a press release, TikTok announced today they've struck a deal to put Zeppelin's entire song catalog on the social media site. Meaning, yes, users can create videos soundtracked to over 100 tunes from their studio and live albums. So get ready for Squid Game tributes set to Stairway and pups rocking out to Black Dog.

The band now also has their own TikTok account, @ledzeppelin, which the press release promises to share "Led Zeppelin artwork and graphics, classic live performances, and other video content."

This news comes a couple weeks after TikTok added three dozen Beatles songs to its catalog.

I can't imagine anything being created with Zeppelin content coming close to what comedian and "voicetramentalist" Michael Winslow did a decade ago, but I'm game.

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