Great Britain's Olympic ice dancing duo Lilah Fear and Lewis Gibson competed in the Rhythm Dance event on Saturday (Feb. 12) with a medley of classic KISS songs as their soundtrack.

Fear, who is 22 years old, and Gibson, who is 27, appeared in flashy outfits that were quite reminiscent of the stage garb worn by KISS for nearly 50 years — flat black material accented by shimmering silver sequins and plunging neck lines.

For three minutes, the spotlight was all theirs as they gracefully skated around the rink at the Olympic games in Beijing, China. It began with the high-energy, pulse-pounding "I Was Made for Loving You," the disco-leaning track off KISS' polarizing 1979 record, Dynasty. Things got a bit more tender as the song transitioned to the 1989 Hot in the Shade ballad, "Forever," which was co-written by Paul Stanley and soft rock icon Michael Bolton.

With the ballad picking up steam and power, the music then switched to "Rock and Roll All Nite," playing off the momentum with a big time ending. Lewis even dropped to his knees and finished things off with a jump, a little air guitar move and hands extended out in a way that mimicked Gene Simmons' "I love you" hand sign.

The members of KISS were certainly impressed and, on Facebook, they wrote, "How cool is this? Team Great Britain figure skating ice dance duo Lilah Fear and Lewis Gibson rocked the 2022 Winter Olympics with KISS!"

View the full ice dance routine in the video further down the page.

As impressive as the routine was, it wasn't enough to earn a gold, silver or bronze medal from the judges as the duo finished in 10th place with a score of 76.45. It was France who took the gold, while the Russian Olympic Committee snatched silver and the USA picked up the bronze in the rhythm dance event.

Lilah Fear + Lewis Gbison Perform Ice Dance Routine to KISS Medley — 2022 Winter Olympics

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