Living Colour’s Corey Glover has been getting tattoos since his first tour 30 years ago… and he hasn’t stopped since. Actually, the frontman’s newest piece is only a year old, and he told us the stories behind his various works at the 2018 Inkcarceration Festival.

This clip was shot on-site at the 2018 Inkcarceration Festival, which was held at the Ohio State Reformatory. The Mansfield, Ohio prison is most famous as the shooting location for The Shawshank Redemption.

Glover had to hide his first tattoo from his parents, and he managed to keep his left shoulder covered around them for a full 18 months. Like any plan, sadly, just once mistake led to its complete dissolution. After Corey lifted his arm up, his mother’s superhuman vision picked up some color up his sleeve — busted. Glover’s mother was actually so angry with her son that she threatened to scrub the tattoo off with bleach and scouring pads.

About a decade later, Glover got his barcode tattoo, which takes up much of his forearm. The Living Colour veteran originally wanted his barcode to-size, but a tattoo artist convinced him otherwise, blowing up image tenfold. Glover’s ink is the actual barcode from his 1998 Hymns solo album, and according to the musician, the tattoo has actually worked when run under a record store’s scanner.

Check out Corey's tattoos in the video above and get ready for the 2019 Inkcarceration Festival on July 12-14. Tickets go on sale soon and the 2019 lineup will be revealed in January.

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