Metallica are preparing to release the long-awaited Hardwired ... To Self-Destruct next Friday (Nov. 18), and they've decided to use it to help out independent record stores. They've created a promotion that they're calling "Blackened Friday."

Nearly 100 stores across the nation will begin selling the record, both on CD and vinyl, at midnight. Participating shops will give away limited edition slip mats and posters, and there will also be giveaways. The next day, more stores will have Blackened Friday-themed events with music and giveaways.

They're also offering one member of their fan club a chance to be an "Honorary Blackened Ambassador." The grand prize winner will win a Blackened Friday retail banner, a t-shirt that says "Ask Me Where the Metallica Section Is," the Deluxe Edition of Hardwired, a test pressing and more. Ten runners-up will win a laminate, slipmat, sticker, poster and vinyl copy of Hardwired. For complete information and to find the store nearest you, visit Metallica's website.

Earlier this year, Metallica served as ambassadors for Record Store Day. In addition to releasing a 2003 concert they performed at the Bataclan to raise money for the victims of the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, they streamed a concert they performed at Rasputin's in Berkeley, Calif. “Independent record stores are part of Metallica’s DNA,” drummer Lars Ulrich said. “They have been pivotal in shaping each one of us into the music fanatics we’ve all become.”

“Metallica has been lifelong supporters of record stores and indie retail, because – well, because we grew up with it and no one would play our stuff," added James Hetfield, "so that’s where we would meet friends, meet fans, hang out at the record stores and get to find out what cool new music is out there.”

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