Hell hath no fury like a Schenker scorned.

Several months after going on record with accusations that the Scorpions have "distorted" the story of his brief tenure with the band, guitarist Michael Schenker has doubled down on his criticism of the Teutonic rock vets, mocking them for celebrating their 50th anniversary too early and suggesting they haven't done anything worth commemorating for half their time together anyway.

"It's not 50 years," Schenker told Eddie Trunk (via Blabbermouth). "It's actually 50 years in 2020. I would count when the first Scorpions album was made, not when the first time somebody had an idea, 'Oh, I'll make a band called the Scorpions.' It's rubbish to have a Scorpions box 50-year celebration. It's not 50 years yet."

Schenker went on to criticize what he sees as ongoing efforts to minimize the contributions of former drummer Herman Rarebell and ex-bassist Francis Buchholz, as well as a long-running creative complacency. "For the last 23 years, they haven't done anything that is worth talking about," he argued. "All they have done is they've been milking the past, they've been milking ... what they have achieved with Herman and Francis in the band. There's nothing else they have done. And maybe people are afraid talking about it. But the fact is they are fooling the people."

As Scorpions fans are aware, Schenker's disdain for his ex-bandmates is complicated by the fact that one of them is his older brother, founding Scorpions guitarist Rudolf Schenker. As Michael went on to explain, the sins of the past have basically ended their relationship.

"I'm very disappointed in Rudolf," said Schenker. "I'm not bitter about it. I'm not gonna poison myself. My side of the street is clear. I'm just very disappointed. And Rudolf has to figure out what to do with his life. It's on his shoulders. He knows exactly what he did. And so I stay away from him as far as I can, because I don't know what else he's got up his sleeve to justify things. He's a trick master, and he's a wannabe. And that's it."

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