The 2016 Major League Baseball season may seem far off, but it really isn't. Next month players will start reporting to spring training, and before we know it the "Boys of Summer" will hit the ballparks across the country. So, how do some of the players keep loose and fit during the off-season? For players like Minnesota Twins pitcher Kyle Gibson, apparently dancing is the answer!

The Minnesota Twins are in the middle of their annual "Twins Caravan," a series of events where current and former players, coaches and front office personnel travel around the area to visit fans and get them excited for the upcoming season.

On Tuesday night, they rolled into Rochester, Minnesota. Along with sharing video highlights of last season and a question-and-answer session, Rochester’s attendees got to witness the spectacle that is Twins pitcher Kyle Gibson. When asked about the dancing that takes place in the Twins locker room after victories, it came up that Gibson has some serious moves. To prove it, he got up and showed his “Whip and Nae Nae” dance. It was, well, it was something...

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