"Tonight's game has been canceled due to safety concerns."

It's definitely a pretty common occurrence on sports fields and courts in the past two years, and an Iowa high school hoops game earlier this week was no exception. Except, for once, COVID wasn't the issue in this case.

In the middle of an exciting recent game, Des Moines Lincoln was leading Johnston 25-13, when the game had to be delayed and then called off. It was because a player's dunk led to the rim being damaged, and despite both players and officials trying to get in on the act of fixing it, it would take longer than expected to safely repair!

Shattering the backboard or busting the rim on a dunk is pretty old school but clearly still very common. I'm aging myself a bit here, but I go back to the days of Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, and Spud Webb (who I LOVED because at 5'6" he was barely taller than me---and that's still the case). Watching them try to outdo each other on the court with creative dunks during games, and especially during the dunk contest that was part of the All-Star festivities often led to similar "oops" moments like this.

The Lincoln-Johnston game, meanwhile, will essentially be expunged from both teams' records and not count. Watch closely as the starting point of the clip below is right before the dunk in question.

They decided about 15 minutes later to call the game. I'm sure it was definitely a bummer to everyone there to see it canceled but at least it was over an entertaining accident (from which no injuries were reported) and not the usual reasons we've gotten so used to lately.

WeAreIowa says the game may be replayed if the Iowa High School Athletic Association and both teams can find a workable reschedule date.

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