Having released their first studio album in 1980, Iron Maiden have a hell of a discography, coming in at a total of 16 albums. That's a lot of songs, with a lot of words — and now we know the most commonly-used word in their lyrics, thanks to one dedicated fan.

Someone on the Iron Maiden Reddit page created a graph earlier this week that maps out the Top 25 most frequently occurring words in the band's songs, and "know" took first place. Other commonly-occurring words in their songs are "now," "time," "just," "see," "when" and more.

It's unclear what method this person used to achieve these results, but they decorated it with a Maiden-esque background and fonts, so it's at least nice to look at.

See the table below.

We've also written about the most-used word in Slipknot and Metallica lyrics, and for both of them, coincidentally, it was "never." Needless to say, Maiden's chart is refreshing compared to those two.

Ironically, Iron Maiden don't have a single song with the word "know" in its title. The closest they come to it is "The Great Unknown" from 2015's Book of Souls. However, song titles aren't what we're going for anyway. Below are some lines from their tracks that contain the word "know."

"Now that I know that the right time has come"

"When you know that your time is close at hand"

"I know the moment's getting closer"

"What you see is not real, those who know will not tell"

We may or may not be hearing a brand new Iron Maiden song later this month. A couple of days ago, we compiled a detailed timeline of clues that lead to this assumption, with an estimated July 15 release date. Up the irons and hope that the speculation is accurate!


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