Motley Crue have just inked a mega money deal with BMG. The iconic band reportedly sold their full catalogue to the music company for approximately $150 million.

The band’s entire release history was part of the deal, spanning from their 1981 debut Too Fast to Love through 2008’s Saints of Los Angeles. Live albums and compilations, several of which have gone platinum, are also included in the nine-figure agreement.

“It feels amazing to be collaborating with our new partners at BMG. Their extensive track record of success in Rock made them the perfect home to continue preserving and growing our musical legacy, ensuring we always stay at The Top,” Motley Crue say.

Crue manager Allen Kovac adds, “After working side by side with BMG for well over a decade, the relationship we have developed and success we’ve accomplished over the years made this a very easy transition to entrust with this treasured Rock catalog. Working with BMG in any capacity, whether that’s publishing or records, has always been a great experience.”

BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch comments, “This is more than just a significant transaction. It’s a new chapter for an extraordinary catalog. Few bands understand the myth and the magic of Rock like Motley Crue do. In an increasingly competitive rights acquisition market, artists need to be convinced that a buyer will do the right thing with their work. I am delighted that Motley Crue have decided BMG will be the best custodians of their musical career.”

Motley Crue will embark on their highly anticipated and postponed stadium tour with Def Leppard in 2022. For the full list of dates, click here.

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