Editors Note: An orginal post had stated that 4 people had died. We can now confirm that is actually 3. More updates below:

Yesterday, April 10th, 2024, Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office deputies, accompanied by a State Medical Examiner Investigator, responded to a report of a potential homicide at 9866 Haxbylane Rd. They discovered the body of Tana Poppe (32), a mother of two. Her children, aged 13 and 5 months, were missing.

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Authorities identified Alexander Grunke (37) as a person of interest and pursued him in Dane County, Wisconsin. During the pursuit, Grunke was involved in a standoff with authorities after his vehicle was disabled. It is now thought that the 13-year-old was also involved in firing upon officers responding to the situation. Police say fire was returned with a rifle and handgun during the attempt to apprehend Grunke and the 13-year-old. The teenager fled the scene and was later found dead in the woods nearby of, at this time, unknown causes.

Grunke then broke into a home with a family still inside. Police evacuated the family, but it led to a stand-off with the intruder. Grunke was later found deceased inside the stand-off residence when a robot was deployed to investigate the sutiuation. The 5-month-old was found safe after the suspect left the child with another individual in Dunn, Wisconsin before the subsequent chase and standoff.

The investigation, conducted jointly with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, is ongoing. The Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office urges anyone in abusive domestic situations to seek help from the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or the Iowa Victim Service Call Center at 1-800-770-1650.

Original Article Below Published 4/11/2024

A distressing sequence of events unfolded across southeastern Dane County, Wisconsin, and Dubuque County, Iowa, resulting in the deaths of multiple individuals. It began with a report of an unresponsive person at 9866 Haxbylane Road in Dubuque County, where deputies discovered a deceased female victim, indicating foul play.

The victim, a mother, had two children with her—a 13-year-old and a 5-month-old—who were both missing from the residence. Simultaneously, in Dane County, a police pursuit ensued involving a male and a female suspect armed with a rifle and handgun, respectively. The pursuit led to tragic consequences as the missing 13-year-old was found deceased of unknown causes. The 5-month-old was found safe after the suspect left the child with another individual before the subsequent chase and standoff.

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The pursuit culminated in the suspects barricading themselves inside a residence on Ramsey Road in the town of Albion, in Dane County, Wisconsin. Law enforcement deployed a Tactical Response Team and crisis negotiators to the scene. Despite efforts to establish contact with the suspects, hours passed with no resolution.

Credit: Google Maps Lane leading to 9866 Haxbylane Rd
Credit: Google Maps
9866 Haxbylane Rd, LaMotte, IA

In the early hours of Thursday morning, authorities sent a robot into the residence, where they discovered both suspects deceased. The male suspect had taken his own life, while the circumstances of the female suspect's death remain undisclosed.

The incident has raised concerns and prompted an investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies. The Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office is examining potential connections to the suspicious death within its jurisdiction. Meanwhile, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office has issued statements, updating the public on the evolving situation.

Throughout the ordeal, safety measures were implemented, including road closures and emergency alerts urging residents to stay indoors with doors locked. Despite these efforts, the tragic outcome underscores the complex challenges law enforcement face in responding to these incidents.

As the investigation continues, authorities are expected to release further details regarding the circumstances surrounding the events that unfolded on Wednesday evening. The community mourns the loss of life and awaits answers amid this harrowing ordeal.

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