You know you've made it when one of the best in the world in your field notices you. Iowa women's basketball player Caitlin Clark is capturing the nation's attention, and when I say the entire nation, I mean it. It was big news this week when one of professional basketball's elite showstoppers revealed that Clark has been on his radar for quite some time.

NBA star gives Iowa star huge kudos

Kevin Durant ("KD") of the Brooklyn Nets is apparently a BIG fan of Double-C, as he took to his podcast recently to sing her praises. He was joined by his co-host of "The ETCs w/KD", Eddie Gonzalez on a recent episode. Gonzalez brought up Clark's 46-point performance as a game highlight in Iowa's loss to Michigan on February 6. The clip of the Clark shoutout can be found below.

KD's fandom toward Caitlin goes way back

According to Hawk Central, Durant brought up the time he had a chance to check out Clark's skills in person while she was still in high school as part of an AAU championship.

I happened to see the 17-and-under girls, and she was in the championship," Durant said. "Her team from Iowa ... they played together so smooth, but she was always leading. She always had the ball in her hand. Everyone was playing off her. She just commanded.

There's another reason that particular Michigan game stands out

Despite the loss, Clark's personal performance put her alongside Durant as the only NBA, WNBA, and Division I men's or women's players in the last 15 years to have 45 or more points, 10 or more assists in a single game while playing the entire game.

Caitlin Clark is, indeed, going places, but for our sake as Hawkeye fans, we hope not very soon.

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