Man, people sure do some crazy things when it comes to Chicken McNuggets.

A man in New Zealand became so incensed that he hadn't gotten his Chicken McNuggets while at McDonald's that he hopped on the restaurant counter and began blasting employees with foam bullets from a pair of Nerf guns.

For his efforts, Jacob Martin Geels, 22, was fined $100 for disorderly behavior. He also unleashed a torrent of words that we're too proper to repeat here. The judge scolded him by saying the guns were for four-year-olds, representing "the level of maturity you displayed."

Why did Geels go mental? "When he was spoken to by police later on he said he thought it was funny and didn't think anyone would care," a prosecutor said.

Geels' bizarre prank follows a scarier McNugget-related incident, in which a teenager in New York City put a gun to a classmate's head while demanding the food.

Moral of the story: avoid Mickey D's. You're potentially putting your life in your hands, without ever eating the food.

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