Yes have been through a lot since the release of their most recent LP, 2014's Heaven and Earth — and a growing number of veteran acts no longer see the point in releasing new material even under the best of circumstances. But as far as drummer Alan White is concerned, chances are pretty good that there are still more recordings to come from the band.

White weighed in on the group's studio future during a recent appearance on One on One With Mitch Lafon, which you can stream below. Although he clearly didn't have much in the way of details regarding a new LP — and they need to deal with their upcoming Cruise to the Edge first — he seemed to regard it as a matter of course, saying, "Everybody's got music in their minds. So yeah, you've got to get that stuff out of your brain and get it recorded."

It won't be the same without founding bassist Chris Squire, who served as the linchpin in the ever-evolving Yes lineup until his death last year. For White, who anchored the group's rhythm section with Squire for decades, the loss is particularly profound.

"We had a great mental understanding of each other. He was one of the greatest bass players in the world," White reflected. "He was so articulate and creative with what he did. I miss him dearly — we had a connection for 43 years."

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