Being a former Beatle gets you all kinds of perks, and seeing major movies before they come out is probably among them. But neither Paul McCartney nor Ringo Starr have pulled any strings to get an early peek at director Ron Howard's new documentary — even though it's about them.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week — The Touring Years has its theatrical premiere tonight in London, and in a Facebook Q&A conducted yesterday with Howard, McCartney and Starr, the Fab Two admitted they aren't sure what to expect when the curtains go up.

"We haven’t seen it, so we’re looking forward to tomorrow night’s premiere, as you can imagine," said McCartney. "We know there’s new footage that the fans sent in, so that’s very exciting."

Alluding to the fact that the band famously quit touring partly because they couldn't cope with the crushing crowd noise they generated at their peak, McCartney added, "In the cinema, we’re actually going to hear ourselves for the first time. We couldn’t hear ourselves when we were live, as there was so much screaming going on."

The film, which bows in theaters this weekend and arrives on Hulu Sept. 17, has enjoyed almost universal critical acclaim — and it sounds like making it was very much a positive experience for Howard. According to the director, he's now at least semi-seriously eyeing the idea of putting together another Beatles documentary, this one focusing on the band's history in the years following the period covered in Eight Days a Week.

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