Those who were hoping that Paul Stanley's appearance on Ace Frehley's most recent solo album, Origins Vol. 1, might have opened the door to the Spaceman's return to Kiss will likely be disappointed. Stanley says that, while he's glad to have renewed his friendship with Frehley, he doesn't believe another reunion will happen.

"I don't see it," he said on former UFC champion Frank Mir's podcast, Phone Booth Fighting. "And, to me, that makes it even better. The fact that you can have people in your life, and maybe who they are and what they are in your life changes over time. Because I'm happy to see Ace and would love to see him. ... We text. He was on the radio last week, and I texted him, 'I'm listening.' It doesn't need to go further than that, but the fact that it's there is a terrific thing. Reading into it, and where's it gonna lead, and maybe...? There is none of that. There is just the joy and satisfaction in reconnecting."

Stanley's cameo on Origins Vol. 1 was to sing on a cover of Free's "Fire and Water." And as with Sammy Hagar publicly reaching out to Eddie Van Halen over Twitter a few months ago, Stanley, who added that it was "great to see [Ace] focused and clean [and] sober," acknowledged that recording with Ace was part of a simple desire to tie up some loose ends.

"To reconnect, it's not even about closure," he continued. "It's about just opening the door again. And I'm the one who benefits from it. And I wouldn't know unless I did it. If it turned out to be horrible, okay. But I'm not one who wants to live with 'coulda, woulda, shoulda.' I don't wanna go through life going, 'What if I had done this? Maybe I should...' I've got none of those. I have no regrets in my life. Everything got me here, and everything I do will get me into the future. So the idea of being gnawed at by, 'Gee, I wish... What would happen if I did this?' I don't want that. I don't want that. I wanna face everything and see where it takes me."

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