I've written in the past about how Poopsie's of Galena is a magical place not just for the quaint vacation town of Galena, IL but the Tri-States as a whole. There's something comforting about a place that looks to fill people's lives with joy, regardless if they're a child or adult.

Located on the town's Main Street, it's a candy-colored gifts and toys shop, stocked with squishy balls, robot kits, puzzles, books, crafts, desk ornaments, candy, and almost too much to name. Beyond being what I call "a beacon of fun for the Tri-States," Poopsie's has gone above and beyond in being an active presence in the community of Galena. That is exemplified in no better way than their monthly "Shop with a Cop" event.

Photo Credit: Poopsie's of Galena
Photo Credit: Poopsie's of Galena

Poopsie's does their part in recognizing the amazing law enforcement in Galena that keep residents safe and work hard managing what is always a busy downtown district, regardless of the day or time. Poopsie's wants to facilitate trusting relationships between kids and the police officers who keep them safe.

Their "Shop with a Cop" event is predicated on giving kids a fun and positive place to interact, ask questions, pick out new toys, and share laughs with police officers.

Every child that attends a "Shop with a Cop" event at Poopsie's of Galena can expect to:

Photo Credit: Poopsie's of Galena
Photo Credit: Poopsie's of Galena
  • Receive FREE $$ to shop at Poopsie’s
  • Meet local law enforcement
  • See a squad car close up
  • Challenge officers to games and win prizes
  • Meet our mascot, Spot the Monster

Poopsie's next "Shop with a Cop" event will be taking place Tuesday, August 15th from 4:30 - 5:30pm at their store at 402 South Main Street in Galena! "Shop with a Cop" happens on the third Tuesday of every month at the same time, making it an easy event to pencil into your schedule!

With that, Poopsie's also recently expanded. Co-owners Alana Turner and Traci Lyden marked a new chapter in Poopsie's multi-decade history by "super-sizing" their operation. They bought and remodeled the former Illinois Bank & Trust building, adjacent to Poopsie's, and used the old bank as a way to showcase more of their products and create a wider space for shopping.

As Turner said on the radio earlier this year, the goal was not only to make Poopsie's larger, but to incorporate Spotsie's, their sister-store across the street, into their primary building:

So, we have doubled our size, or as you'll see on our billboard, we are 'super-sized' [....] We now have incorporated Spotsie's into Poopsie's, so we're no longer Spotsie's across the streets, it's all under the Poopsie's umbrella. Our thought was that our customers were having to choose between the two, so this way, you can still shop all the fantastic give-backs and even more. [You] can check out at one register, [and] use your Poopsie's perks at one register. It's just gonna be a lot of amazingness. - from an interview with Alana Turner conducted in January 2023

You can find out more about Poopsie's of Galena on their colorful website, and also check out their "Shop with a Cop" Facebook event page to find more information about the event happening on August 15th!

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