According to a report from KWWL, an American Airlines flight declared an emergency after a possible bird strike while nearing the Dubuque Regional Airport on Sunday night for a routine landing. The American Airlines flight, AA3904, is currently one of two daily flights between Dubuque and Chicago.

Dubuque Regional Airport Director Todd Dalsing stated,

"...the plane declared an emergency around 9:45 pm while approaching to land at the airport. The pilots aborted the landing attempt, circled the airport and were able to land safely a few minutes later. Once on the ground and parked at a gate, crews inspected the aircraft but did not find any damage."

Credit:           Flight Path shows circling

Bird strikes are actually not uncommon According to the Federal Aviation Administration,

"The number of wildlife strikes reported per year to the FAA increased steadily from about 1,800 in 1990 to 16,000 in 2018. Expanding wildlife populations, increases in number of aircraft movements, a trend toward faster and quieter aircraft, and outreach to the aviation community all have contributed to the observed increase in reported wildlife strikes. As a result of the increase in wildlife strikes, there has been greater emphasis on wildlife strike hazard research and airfield wildlife management."

American Airline flights from Chicago to Dubuque are officially in their last days; as the airline leaves operation at the Dubuque Regional Airport, tomorrow (9/7/2022). American Airlines has cited the nationwide pilot shortage as an ongoing issue. Dubuque is not the only city whose airlines are leaving or reducing service. Along with Dubuque, American is leaving four other cities entirely in the fall.

The Dubuque Regional Airport remains open, and continues to host events, and some limited charter and low-cost flights. It has not been announced if a different airline will be partnering with the airport in replacement of American Airlines. The airport currently has a $775,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to be used to expand west-bound travel. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce received a $125,000 dollar grant Tuesday from the Dubuque Racing Association. With that, they plan to reach out to lobbyists and other communities to create a coalition that will bring back airline service both in Dubuque and other small communities.

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