Update: The current Ratt lineup is undergoing another lineup change as bassist Robbie Crane has also exited the group. He issued a statement via his Facebook page announcing his exit that reads as follows:

Hey all,
Thought I'd fill you in on what's going on in my world.
As of today, I have resigned my position as the bass player of Bobby Blotzer's band "Ratt." (Period on the inside as per Keith Ryan Cartwright).
While the events of the past few weeks did play a small role in my decision, I feel like it's time for me move on and focus on the positive things in my life...
I wish Bobby the best in the future, and thank Warren, Stephen, Bobby, Robin, and Juan for writing the great songs that afforded me the opportunity to live the dream!
Thank you for understanding and supporting me in my decision!
Please do not leave negative comments... If you do, I will delete and block you forever and you'll never know how the story ends! Ha!

Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer has been having to deal with the media a little more than usual of late. After a Stephen Pearcy interview suggested that some of Blotzer's former Ratt bandmates may be discussing a potential reunion, which brought the drummer's current legal battles with estranged Ratt guitarist Warren DeMartini over the rights to the band's name back into the spotlight, Blotzer commented on his current lineup and his thoughts on his former bandmates. During that discussion, he mentioned that there might be a lineup change, and that has now come to fruition with the exit of guitarist Nicholas "Blaze" Baum.

In a Facebook post that has since been removed (but captured by Blabbermouth), Blotzer stated of Baum's exit, "While we are shocked and saddened by the events that led up to his departure and do not agree with the manner and time frame in which he chose to let us know, in that only giving us only two days for his replacement, we all can live with his decision to move on with his career and wish him the best in the future in country music." The drummer went on to state that they intended to "kick all kinds of ass" at their performance at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, N.D. despite the lineup change.

Blotzer also found himself issuing commentary after a recent show in which he stormed offstage after three songs. The performance at the First Council Casino in Newkirk, Okla. didn't go off as planned as technical difficulties led Blotzer to walk offstage, and apparently during his exit, the drummer fell off a drum riser.

He stated in a Facebook post, "I've never been in such a position that it was virtually impossible to play the songs. We had incredible problems with the sound on stage, and I mean disastrously bad. My kit also was in disarray from its locked in set up and after three tunes into it, just wasn't fair in my evaluation for the audience to continue until it was rectified."

He continued, "The injuries I got falling off the riser, that was road wear -- a bit on a higher scale, but thank God I fell into a stack of Marshall amps. The show did complete and the sound was radically adjusted and on we went. Very stressful and endangering to my hearing and what's left, when it sounds like a train smashing off a train track, something's gotta happen and quick." See the posting below.

The incident did catch the eyes of Don Dokken, who spoke with Eddie Trunk about it during an interview. "Has he lost his mind," asks Dokken. "Here's a guy who's got the name Ratt. He's on the road, he's making money, he can play his drums and he walks offstage after three songs. I mean I wanna just call him up and slap him through the phone." The musician went on to call Blotzer's actions "really unprofessional."

And in other Ratt news, the ongoing debate over who has the rights to the band's name has led to a response to another peer -- Stryper's Michael Sweet. He stated his own history with Ratt coming up in the '80s and added in his Facebook post that he thinks it's "sad and unfortunate" that a "member of the band (who isn't really even an original mind you)" decided to "drag the name and reputation of the band through the mud because he feels has the right to do so." Sweet concluded, "I'm looking forward to seeing / hearing what Ratt (Not Bobby Blotzer's version) does. One of my favorite bands from the '80s and here's to more."

Blotzer has been touring under the Ratt name with his current lineup of musicians after taking legal action to do so. He decided to claim the name after guitarist Warren DeMartini, the sole classic era member still in the group, decided he didn't want to tour. DeMartini has fought Blotzer's decision in the court, but so far Blotzer has emerged victorious in all challenges. He has stated in a recent interview that that he did not want to insult any of the past members, but added that each of the band members had a chance to continue on and decided not to and he did not want to sit on the sidelines.

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