In a testament to faith, history, and community spirit, Key West (Dubuque) is gearing up for the monumental task of rebuilding the iconic Centennial Cross that has graced its skyline since 1937. The ambitious project, spearheaded by not-for-profit organization Centennial Cross Incorporated, is set to transform the revered landmark into a 137-foot tall structure, visible beyond the tree line that has obscured its view for years.

Conlon Construction, led by CEO Tim Conlon, has been entrusted with the monumental task of bringing the vision to life. The significance of the project is deeply rooted in history, as Tim Conlon's grandfather, R.F. Conlon, was the craftsman behind the original cross over eight decades ago.

“The cross was originally constructed to commemorate the Centennial of the Archdiocese of Dubuque and has stood as a beacon of hope and Christian faith for more than 80 years. Now we are asking the public to help us bring back this treasured landmark,”

-Tim McCaffery, President of Centennial Cross Incorporated

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To fund this endeavor, the community is invited to contribute to the $350,000 goal. Already surpassing the $150,000 mark, the funds will not only cover construction costs but also establish a maintenance fund for the cross's future. Donors, whose generosity exceeds $10,000, will be immortalized on a permanent display in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, chronicling the cross's history. Additionally, all contributors of $100 or more will be acknowledged on the organization's website, emphasizing the communal effort that fuels the restoration process.


The Centennial Cross has stood as a beacon of hope in the Dubuque-area for over 80 years. Now, the community is rallying to bring back this treasured symbol, urging one and all to contribute to the restoration of a significant historical piece of Key West. To be part of this transformative journey, visit the organizations website here, send donations to Centennial Cross, PO Box 1315, Dubuque, IA 52004-1315, or visit them on Facebook. Together, our community can illuminate the future, literally, with the restored glow of the Centennial Cross.

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