Public Access TV was a goldmine for weird and cringy music. Thankfully, these performances still exist on YouTube, so we wrangled together some of the most entertaining clips from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Ever heard of the Mummies? The horror punk act of wrapped-up delinquents gave one of the best performances in Public Access history, trashing their own equipment and the stage while jamming garage punk straight from ancient Egypt. Within the 30 minutes of undead chaos, the host of the Public Access program attempted to interview the Mummies. It did not go well.

Saving the environment is a noble cause, but it’s also no excuse for horrible music. A solo artist from a band called Nobody took his message straight to Public Access with a bizarre jam which saw the lad sing in falsetto and chilled with his hands in his pockets while a horrible guitar solo played over the speakers.

Heavy metal was king in the 1980s, but some Sunset Strip bands didn’t make it for very good reasons. One group called Victim, obviously influenced by Judas Priest, performed a boastful jam of terrible solos and rock star wankery. It was a performance best left back in the ‘80s, but it lives forever thanks to the Internet.

Check out these Ridiculous Music Performances on Public Access TV in the Loud List below.

Ridiculous Music Performances on Public Access TV

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