Would you believe a zoning commission meeting in Davenport, Iowa, is exciting, engaging, and funny enough to go viral?

This article showcases a small sampling of the outrageous absurdities at government and public meetings across America. Is citizen participation and Democracy alive and well? It appears to be a little bit shaky. While the people in the videos talk about serious business, it's essential to recognize that sometimes our Democracy is ugly, albeit pretty comical.

This compilation video sets the stage for passionate public performances at government meetings. Enjoy.


Surfer Bros Chad Kroeger and JT Parr comically extoll the virtues of house parties in the Hollywood Hills to the LA City Council. Unfortunately, the performance of the two dudes is finally interrupted by a frustrated counselor who finally hurls an insult or compliment, depending on which side of the dais you sit on.


In Portland, Oregon, the clowns are showing up to express their concerns and dissatisfaction with the local government. This performance should make clowns everywhere feel proud to have one of their own speak truth to power.


In Davenport, Iowa, an unsuspecting woman named Lisa Ann Witmer-Wagman felt compelled to step before the podium at a City zoning meeting.

Lisa Ann proceeds to divulge nearly every intimate detail of her personal life. Including her separation and divorce, lack of financial resources, and relations with her daughters and other relatives. She tells of her pending plans to relocate to Texas. Finally, with audience members in stitches, a City Commissioner interrupts her to ask if she has a comment on the zoning issue under discussion.

You might feel for Witmer-Wagman when she obliviously responds, dazed and confused, that she doesn't know why she's even at the meeting. The video, shot in 2018, has gone viral with millions of views across multiple social platforms.


In a suburb northwest of Chicago, the Village of Carpentersville, Illinois, attracted attention when its council erupted into petty arguing, insults, and interruptions. The accusations range from attempted murder, domestic abuse, sleeping with convicts, adultery, and death threats. After viewing this video, you'll think of government meetings as anything but boring.


Ron in West Saint Paul unleashes his rage at the City Council, calling the council out for spending and taxes. Overall it's "Minnesota nice," but Ron makes some solid points on the challenges of living on social security while battling inflation.

Should you be one of the disaffected citizens, your next opportunity to choose new representatives is Election Day on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

When Are Polls Open on Election Day?

  • Iowa, 7 am to 8 pm

  • Illinois 6 am to 7 pm

  • Wisconsin 7 am to 8 pm


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