Simon and Garfunkel's most recent reunion, back in 2010, looks to be their last. Asked about the prospect of getting back together, Paul Simon is now dismissing it out of hand. "No, out of the question," he told Rolling Stone. "We don't even talk."

Simon has been busy lately completing an upcoming solo album, Stranger to Stranger, with another figure from his past: producer Roy Halee, who worked on all five Simon and Garfunkel albums, as well as Simon's solo debut, Graceland and Rhythm of the Saints. A tour in support of the new record begins on April 30 at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, with dates continuing into early July.

Ironically, the tour concludes at Forest Hill Stadium, near where he and Garfunkel grew up together. "It's the first big concert venue we ever played," Simon noted. "It was also where the final Simon and Garfunkel concert took place before the reunions that came many years later."

Garfunkel recently complained about his former partner. He told The Telegraph he'd "created a monster" by befriending Simon, labeling him an "idiot" and a "jerk." Garfunkel even questioned whether their height difference had been a sticking point. But unlike Simon, he left the door open to working together again. "Will I do another tour with Paul? Well, that’s quite do-able," Garfunkel mused. "Why not, while we're still alive?"

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