Slash's fourth album with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators is underway, and it's going to be the first release on Gibson's new record label, Gibson Records.

The label, which will be based in Nashville, Tenn., comes over a century after the instrument company was founded. They've also announced that they've entered a strategic partnership with BMG.

“Launching a record label that is in service to our artists is the natural evolution of our 127 years of history. Gibson Records will work with Gibson artists to capture, record and promote their music under an artist friendly partnership,” Cesar Gueikian, Brand President of Gibson Brands said in a press release.

“Gibson Records will keep all of us at Gibson focused on our artist first culture that is engaged and connected to music. We are excited to launch Gibson Records, to announce that Slash is our first signed artist and that we have entered into a label partnership with BMG.”

Slash has been one of Gibson's signature guitarists for decades. He told Vintage Guitar that is first-ever electric guitar was a Memphis Les Paul Copy, and he's been loyal to the Les Paul model ever since. Gibson even has its own Slash Collection, which you can check out here.

“It's an honor to be the first release on the new Gibson Records,” Slash said of the new record label. “It's a zenith in our partnership for sure and having worked so closely with Gibson for so long, I know they will be a label that genuinely supports their artists creatively. Not just me, but all the artists they choose to work with. It's perfect.”

Conspirators bassist Todd Kerns revealed that a new Slash record was underway in October of 2020, which confirmed that the guitarist had worked on new material for both that and Guns N' Roses during the pandemic. We don't have a timeline of release yet, but with the announcement of this new record label, hopefully we'll receive some news soon.


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