You could be the next bass player for Steel Panther. The hair metal heroes are holding open auditions to find someone sexy enough to join the pack.

It was revealed earlier this year that Lexxi Foxx had stepped down from Steel Panther, greatly diminishing the overall sexiness of the group. “Steel Panther will continue to rock the world,” the band said following Foxx’s departure. “And though we may not ever find a bassist quite as beautiful as Lexxi, it shouldn’t be hard to find one to match his towering intellect. Good Luck… And goodbye Lexxi Foxx!!”

With the end of an era comes a new beginning. As the touring industry continues to restart, Steel Panther must adapt or go extinct. To fill the gaping hole left by Lexxi, the Panther are looking toward their legions of fans.

Steel Panther have asked potential bassists to follow these three instructions:

1. Be bitchin
2. Upload a video of you playing any Steel Panther song titled "yourname_songname" here.
3. Upload a video of you introducing yourself to Steel Panther explaining why you should be our bassist titled "yourname_introduction" here.

That’s all you have to do! Bust out those cameras and audition to become the next member of Steel Panther.

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