Less than a day after word got out that a hand gesture made by Steven Tyler had been digitally removed from a ride at Walt Disney World, the Aerosmith singer has responded. Today, he posted two answers to the theme park on social media.

"Well now I am in 'shock,' he wrote on Facebook, while wearing an NSFW hat. "You know I would own up to this doozie. Way to give me the finger now Walt Disney World...17 years later...See you next week...Here's to the greatest ride at Disney."

But that wasn't his only response. A few minutes later, on Twitter, he posted the same picture and wrote, "So what exactly do you think this means? Is the hat a dead giveaway? PS...See you next week..."

The ride in question, the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, has been a fixture at Disney World's Hollywood Studios theme park in Bay Lake, Fla., since 1999. In the introductory film, Aerosmith appear as themselves in a recording studio, when their manager tells them to get to the gig. Tyler suggests that everybody get backstage passes, at which point he makes a gesture that is believed to have a sexual connotation. In the new version, Tyler's hand has been changed to an open palm.

Last month, Tyler released his first solo album, the country-infused We’re All Somebody From Somewhere. He's currently supporting it with a tour that will take him in proximity to Disney World when it reaches Tampa, Fla., on Aug. 29. You can see all the dates at his website.

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