Singer-songwriter Terry Jacks, a veteran performer best remembered for his 1974 hit "Seasons in the Sun," has been hospitalized after suffering his second stroke in less than a year.

Word of Jacks' condition comes courtesy of his official Facebook page, where his administrator has posted an update letting fans know that while Jacks is conscious and communicating, he may be in for a difficult recovery. "I am posting this message on Terry's behalf, with him talking to me as I type," begins the post. "After his stroke back in March, he was doing really well with the recovery. However, a few weeks ago he endured another stroke that sent him back to the hospital. He is having a really difficult time adjusting to it."

As Jacks gears up for that fight, he's welcoming the support of his fans. "He would like to reach out to everyone and know that your prayers for his healing and health would be greatly appreciated and well received, as he is having a really difficult time dealing with everything right now," continues the post. "Please pray for Terry and send lots of love and well wishes his way. He needs them now more than ever."

Vintage Vinyl News reports that Jacks' ex-wife Susan, with whom he performed in the Poppy Family before they embarked on separate solo careers, is facing her own medical difficulties. According to her son Thad, Jacks is "having the fight of her life" as she tries to overcome kidney disease.

Happily, Jacks' battle appears to have turned a corner. On life support at one point, she's described as "in much better shape now" in a recent post. "She has been to the edge and back and has some amazing stories to tell," writes her son. "Thanks for all the love and support. It worked."

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