The London Symphony Orchestra's 1972 performance of the Who's Tommy is returning to stores after more than 30 years out of print.

The recording, which features the 104-piece orchestra and the 60-voice Chambre Choir, also incorporates appearances from a long list of guest soloists that includes Who members Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle as well as Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr, Steve Winwood and more. "I always saw the Who's version of Tommy as more of a sketch and felt there was more that could be done with it," says Townshend in a press release. "The London Symphony project, I think, paved the way for more to come."

The reissue, which is available for pre-order now, is scheduled to arrive on CD and vinyl Sept. 11, and has been remastered at the 24/192 bitrate; the vinyl version, which is being pressed on gray platters, also boasts the original design concept libretto with a 20-page color illustration of the characters and lyrics.

Lou Adler, who released the original recording via his Ode Records imprint, is handling the new version through his Sound & Visual label. "When [producer] Lou Reizner explained his idea and concept for the recording of Tommy and that Pete Townshend was on board, that moved me to become involved," he explains. "The recording sessions in England were dynamic and mind-boggling. The size and sound of the London Symphony Orchestra, the Chambre Choir voices and the addition of the amazing soloists made Reizner's dream a reality."

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