Ok, so most of you know about a whiny University of Illinois Fan Group complaining about how the University of Iowa is keeping them from attending a match-up against the Iowa Hawkeyes tomorrow (2/4). What you might not know, is that the "Orange Krush" are liars, and in the same capacity dishonorable to boot.

Iowa v Illinois
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The University of Iowa did exactly what they should. And here's why in a statement from the horses mouth so to speak;

“The Iowa Athletics Department became aware of a discounted group ticket order for the Iowa-Illinois men’s basketball game on behalf of an Illinois chapter of the Boys & Girls Club. In following up with that organization, it became clear that it was not factual. When contacting the individual who made the original ticket order, they admitted to falsely ordering the tickets under the non-profit organization. Iowa Athletics has refunded the original ticket order and donated tickets to the Boys And Girls Club Of Cedar Rapids. We look forward to welcoming these kids to a sold-out Carver-Hawkeye Arena this Saturday."

How can you pretend to be this, and not feel like trash afterwards?

There you go. What's the old adage? You got what you deserve; you petulant brats. Grow up and take a little responsibility for your lies and stop thinking you're owed anything.

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By the way, the "Orange Krush" group has done this before. According to an article from the IndyStar; they attended a Purdue game at Mackey Arena by ordering 50 tickets for “Boy Scouts.” Another time they did it as a “family reunion.” They may have done this even more. This is fraud in the simplest sense. You pretended to be a group of disadvantaged kids; instead, you're a bunch of pseudo-adults, unaware that there could be real consequences one day for your bad behavior. This time your hand got stuck in Iowa's "cookie jar." By the way, the Orange Krush version of events, seen here, was viewed around 5.9 million times and its proudly still touted on their Facebook page. It's nothing but kindling in my opinion. Here it is if you'd like to read it...

Credit: Facebook Screen Shot
Credit: Facebook Screen Shot

Good on you Iowa for making an example of these rabble-rousers. Now lets root for the Iowa Men (14-8, 6-5) against Illinois (16-6, 7-4) tomorrow at 1:37pm at Carver-Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City. The game is sold out and I'm an even bigger Hawkeye fan than I was before if that's even possible.

In addition, the fans attending tomorrow's game are encouraged to participate in a supply drive for Hope Lodge! Items to donate include Non-perishable food, Gas and grocery gift cards, and 13 & 30-gallon garbage bags. Like they said in the tweet; Somethings in life are bigger than basketball.

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