With clearing skies expected, tonight may be the best night for viewing the International Space Station in the Dubuque area this week.  Beginning at 6:54 PM tonight, the station should come into view.  Look to the Northwest, about 10 degrees above the horizon.  If you extend your arm toward the Northwest and make a fist with the bottom appearing to rest on the horizon, the top of your fist should indicate about 10 degrees.  (HANDY guide, huh?)

The station will move toward the Northeast before disappearing at 6:57 PM at 73 degrees above Northeast, the highest point in which it will appear this week.  The chart below outlines this week's viewing opportunities for our area.  If you get any good pics, please share them with us here.

Tue Feb 2, 6:54 PM3 min73°10° above NW73° above NE
Wed Feb 3, 6:07 PM6 min46°10° above NW13° above E
Wed Feb 3, 7:46 PM< 1 min21°19° above WSW21° above WSW  
Thu Feb 4, 6:58 PM3 min39°28° above W24° above SSE  
Fri Feb 5, 6:09 PM6 min67°10° above WNW12° above SE  
Sat Feb 6, 7:01 PM2 min14°14° above SW11° above SSW  
Sun Feb 7, 6:14 PM2 min23°23° above SW11° above S  

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