I don't normally throw around the word 'redneck' when it comes to stuff I see online, and not just because I tend to do some redneck stuff, but because you don't know the full story. However, when I see an open corn field, a ramp, and a bunch of cars lined up, I know for a fact that there's about to be some redneck sh*t about to go down.

paul via ItemFix

This video from some guy named Paul shows what looks like a Grand Marquis hauling ass through a cornfield, then hitting a ramp that's either too thin, or he missed with two wheels.

You can see that he's attempting to jump over a line of other junked cars, but he doesn't make it past the first car in the lineup. He smashes into the first car, roof first, then launches into the air over the second car.

paul via ItemFix

When he gets to the third car, he lands nose first on the roof of the car, before finally settling the Grand Marquis on top of either a camper or a trailer of some kind.

What you could call a "Safety Crew" runs to the car to make sure he's okay, carrying fire extinguishers in case they're needed. Meanwhile, whatever group of people who gathered to watch this wreck of an attempt cheer loudly in the background.

The video cuts out once the crew reaches the car, so we can assume the guy's probably fine, right?

I'm sure his seatbelt was on and he was wearing the proper safety gear.

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