If you’re gonna smash a guitar, don’t do it over your friend’s head… unless you’re filming. This is what happens when smashing guitars goes wrong.

Acoustic guitars may seem like they’d break easily, just like a bush looks soft enough to jump into. You’d be wrong on both counts, however, and YouTuber Danny Duncan found out the hard way by getting a guitar smashed over him while performing a live show. Duncan initially thought the guitar smash broke his arm, but he just developed a giant hematoma on his tricep. Either way, pain is pain.

An acoustic guitar is fragile enough to break over your head, right? Well, yes… but it’ll take about 10 solid bashes against your skull. When video is rolling, though, you can’t disappoint the audience. A bunch of amateur stuntmen went for the self-smash, and their videos ended up becoming unintentionally hilarious thanks to screaming voices of reason from mothers and girlfriends.

Ever see the freak accident involving Korn guitarist Munky and one of his seven-strings? During a video shoot, Munky smashed his guitar, only to have a piece of the body fly up into the air and crack him on the head. Munky immediately developed a goose egg on his forehead, which his Korn bandmates convinced the guitarist not to cut open like a boxer.

Check out this compilation of When Smashing Guitars Goes Wrong in the video below.

When Smashing Guitars Goes Wrong

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