A woman who was just trying to spend some time with her boyfriend is now facing terrorism charges.

According to the police in Pittsfield, Maine bomb threats were made towards Puritan Medical Products on Thursday, forcing evacuation and shutting down manufacturing operations for a whole day.

Pittsfield Police Department's Chief Pete Bickmore told local news channel, News Center, that Kayla Blake of Etna called the Maine State Police twice, claiming she was going to set bombs up around the facility.

She made her first call around 9am on Thursday, and then a second call occurred around noon.

Of course, its 2021, so the state police were of course able to trace her call. When questioned, Kayla Blake later confessed to the calls. She also told them the threats weren't real and that there were no bombs in the factory.

When questioned about why she made the calls, Kayla explained that she just wanted to spend time with her boyfriend who works at the plant.

Kayla Blake was arrested and taken to Somerset County Jail. She's been charged with felony terrorizing and is being held on a $1,500 bond.

Somerset County Sheriff's Office
Somerset County Sheriff's Office

The Maine State Police and Peobscot County Sheriff's Office both helped with this arrest.

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