Good old Hy-Vee is a staple here in Iowa. Thousands of Iowans visit Hy-Vees scattered throughout the state on a daily basis grabbing whatever they need to grab and running whatever errand they need to run. Do you know why Hy-Vee is called Hy-Veen? According to Hy-Vee, Charles Hyde, and David Vredenburg opened a small store in Beaconsfield, Iowa, in 1930. The operation was originally called Hyde & Vredenburg in 1933.


A website called Bring Me The News found 10 of the weirdest, strangest, and most interesting edible foods you can purchase at Hy-Veen stores. .

According to Bring Me The News, some of these are actually pretty tasty and others weren't exactly great. They are all definitely unique.

10. Bob Evans Creamed Chipped Beef - This sounds pretty dang good if you ask me. This meal looks exactly like what it sounds like. Chipped beef in a creamy white sauce. Supposedly it serves two and is ready in minutes. I might actually be adding this to my list. We ate chipped beef on toast growing up and it was fantastic.

9. Brownie Batter Hummus - "This is made from a base of garbanzo beans, which would technically make hummus flavored with cocoa powder and sugar." I don't care who you are, chocolate and beans mixed together sound horrendous. I suppose I better try some before I judge.

8. Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shot - Have you ever heard that drinking pickle juice is good for helping cure a hangover? There are a lot of electrolytes in pickle juice and if you can manage the flavor, give it a shot next time you wake up saying "I'm never drinking again." This item is exactly as it sounds. A shot of pickle juice with extra strength

7. Nabisco Cheddar N Bacon Easy Cheese - There are tons of people who have purchased easy cheese from Hy-Vee. Easy cheese goes fantastic on just about any kind of cracker and can make for a great snack. Next time you'll have to try some easy cheese with a "liquid bacon flavor" attached to it. I might pass on this... I like my bacon made on the stove.

6. Idris Fiery Ginger Beer - I'm normally down to try anything that has the word beer attached to it but sadly for beer lovers, this is a non-alcoholic drink. This ginger beer supposedly has a bit of a false advertisement to it as well. It's not spicy or fiery. It's mostly just sweet and is a British Soda.

5. Hy-Vee Spicy Breaded Pickle Slices - These are warm pickles that are deep fried and supposedly they are pretty good. Imagine the pickle wearing a deep-fried sweater. I'm somewhere in the middle on pickles...If they come from a jar in the fridge, I'll eat them. If they're warm, I'll probably pass. If you're a pickle lover this is the second item you'll have to try.

4. Annies Organic Grass Fed Mac & Cheese - Anything with mac & cheese I am an immediate yes. I'll be trying this. My only question is has this mac and cheese gone too far? Is organic and grass-fed a bit much? Who cares, it's 3.99 and it'll be on my grocery list the next time I visit the Hy-Vee by my house.

3. Lays Wavy Fried Green Tomato Potato Chips - Could Lays do me a favor and make that name just a little bit longer for us? Supposedly these chips are pretty dang good. I'm not a tomato fan but supposedly there's only a hint of the green fried tomato taste and these will be a hit at your next cookout. Let me know if you like them.

2. Doritos Loaded Nacho Breaded Cheese Snacks - Again, make the name longer for us, please. These are summed up as crushed-up Doritos, which coat a blob of cheese, and are the shape of a big Dorito chip. You put them in the oven and pray you don't go through two boxes in one sitting. These look incredibly dangerous.

1. Biscoff Cookie Butter - These are basically airplane cookies that have been whipped into a paste and that paste is called butter. Palm oil and sugar are added to create what might be the strangest-sounding butter I've ever heard of. If you've ever seen a Lotus cookie, imagine that crushed up and turned into a "butter paste." This looks more like peanut butter than butter if you ask me.

How many of these have you tried? All of these items were provided by Bring Me The News and I'm curious if they missed any. Have you found stranger items at Hy-Vee? Let us know in the comments!

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