Nothing hypnotizes a metal fan quite like a drummer with more rpms than a Ferrari. These 10 drummers are stupidly fast, and our top pick set a total of five world records.

Before Mike Mangini joined Dream Theater, he held the official position of World’s Fastest Drummer, becoming the first person in history to break 1,200 strokes in a minute. That’s 20 strokes per second! Unsurprisingly, Mangini brought his supernatural sticking to Annihilator and Steve Vai, performing incredible stunts during live drum breaks.

If you ever dive into the YouTube comments sections, you’ll find Cattle Decapitation’s Dave McGraw being compared to a human machine gun. Though his blasts seem effortless, McGraw’s chops are rare, and the guy never even looks tired.

Unsurprisingly, this list is filled with extreme metal drummers. In the black metal realm, few percussionists can compete with Hellhammer. He’s constructed one of the most storied discographies in black metal, crushing his kit for Mayhem, Shining, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir and many others. His rolls are especially quick, bringing wicked variation instead of focusing simply on blast beats.

Check out these 10 Stupidly Fast Metal Drummers in the Loud List above.

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