Get your WTF?!? comments ready, because these 12 legendary acts have somehow never won a Grammy.

For this Loud List, Grammy Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement or any other type of honorary awards from the Recording Academy don’t count. This is about recognizing legendary artists while they were releasing their timeless material.

Metalheads will often cite the Grammys for failing to honor their heavy heroes, but hard rock during the ‘60s and ‘70s may have gotten an even rougher hand. Despite being the greatest guitarist on earth, Jimi Hendrix was never honored with a Grammy for his work. Punk rock has never been an award-friendly genre, but even with careers spanning decades, acts like Iggy Pop and Ramones never took home a golden gramophone.

When it comes to metal, most of the genre’s gigantic bands have won Grammys, but Pantera is not one of them. Despite receiving a total of four nominations, Pantera never won the honor. Anthrax have racked up six nominations throughout the years, but like their buddies in Pantera, those nominations have resulted in zero wins.

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