One of my favorite things about the radio business is talking to and meeting musicians and celebrities.  I've met Aerosmith, Bruce Willis, Rob Thomas (two or three times) and The Miz (before he was the Miz) and I've talked to Dr Ruth, Bill Bellamy (he called me his main man) and Larry the Cable Guy.  Now, this is not a complete list or even a best of, it is people I remember most for one reason or another.  And just for the record, I remember the Miz because he did exactly as he told me he was going to do when he was touring for MTV's Road Rules...make it to the WWE.  I didn't really believe him at the time, but it is cool to see someone reach their goal.

Back to me, I'm not a gawker and I don't ask for autographs.  When I interview celebs, I want it to come off as a conversation about them or an event.  This leads me to my point...(8 1/2 lines to get there, I know).

I got to talk to Larry the Cable Guy for the second time in a few weeks.  Friday night, he is doing a show at the US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids (go to Ticketmaster for seats).  Nice guy, real friendly and pretty damn funny.  He called the studio yesterday for his scheduled interview (no, publicist for this Blue Collar Comedy King) and we talked for a good five minutes before we decided to get to work on the interview.  Now, I understand Larry isn't Steven Tyler, Kate Upton or Matt Damon (sorry, Ben Affleck), but it was still really cool that he was talking to me like a friend.  He even asked how my day was going and if my kids had classes cancelled.  Then, he told me about his Christmas with family and friends.  He said his kids were upset because he made them listen to the real Christmas Story.  After a quick explanation on the importance of the real story, he paused and said, "Guess they were mad because I was on the toilet at the time."  I probably should have been recording.

Now Larry could have said he was running out of time, but he took time to entertain me.  And that, as you can tell, had quite an impression on me.  From my few moments of getting to know him, I think Larry is a down to earth guy that loves doing what comes naturally to him, entertaining.  C'mon, imagine how fun your next party would be with Larry the Cable Guy as a guest.  Well, you don't have to wait.  Like I said, he is hosting a party for his closest 7,000 friends this Friday night in CR.  It's an all ages show so you can even bring your kids.

My kids had no clue who Larry the Cable Guy was, yet they were awestruck when I told them I just talked to Mater from Cars.

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