Asbury City leaders have issued a Boil Advisory for residents of the Sun Valley Subdivision following a water main break that occurred on Monday, March 11th at 11am. The advisory is in response to a drop in water pressure within the city's water supply, which could potentially lead to bacterial contamination.

Affected residents, residing on streets including Summer Drive, Sun Ridge Court, Sunset Drive, Sun Valley Drive, Autumn Drive, Springreen Drive (from Hales Mill to Sun Valley Drive), and apartments on Hales Mill Road, are urged to take precautionary measures. Tap water intended for drinking, making ice, food preparation, or brushing teeth should be boiled for at least one minute before use. However, tap water remains safe for bathing purposes.

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The boil advisory is a preventive measure to ensure the safety of residents. The loss of pressure in the water supply system increases the risk of bacterial contamination, necessitating the boiling of water to kill any potential pathogens. Officials emphasize that this advisory will remain in effect until a bacterial survey confirms that the water is safe to consume.

Credit: Google Maps Affected area in Asbury.
Credit: Google Maps
Affected area in Asbury.

City officials have assured residents that efforts are underway to resolve the issue, with an anticipated resolution by around noon on Wednesday, March 13, 2024. Residents with further inquiries or seeking additional information regarding the Boil Advisory are encouraged to contact Asbury City Hall at 563-556-7106. The Boil Advisory underscores the importance of proactive steps when safeguarding public health in response to unforeseen incidents such as water main breaks. This helps ensure the well-being of all residents within the affected area.

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