According to police reports, Jacob T. Ginter, 32, engaged in a seven-hour standoff with Dubuque police after allegedly holding a woman at knifepoint in the 1100 block of Savanna Drive. The incident, which occurred on Monday, resulted in Ginter's arrest on multiple charges including first-degree burglary, first-degree harassment, domestic assault, and child endangerment.

Credit: Dubuque Police Department P2C Jacob T. Ginter
Credit: Dubuque Police Department P2C
Jacob T. Ginter

Authorities responded to a disturbance call and a violation of a no-contact order at the residence. The female victim was found outside with visible injuries to her face and neck. She reported that Ginter forcefully entered the home, assaulting her and threatening her life with a steak knife, stating, "today is the day you are going to die."

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Ginter allegedly punched the victim multiple times before strangling her and brandishing the knife. Despite her attempt to seek help by locking the door and contacting the police, Ginter refused to leave, leading to the lengthy standoff. Negotiations ensued, culminating in Ginter's eventual arrest without further incident.

Credit: Google Maps Location of the incident according to reports.
Credit: Google Maps
Location of the incident according to reports.

The presence of two children inside the residence during the ordeal underscores the gravity of the situation, leading to additional charges of child endangerment against Ginter. The bravery of the victim in seeking assistance and the prompt response of law enforcement prevented further harm. The case again highlights the importance of addressing domestic violence and providing support to victims in need. Ginter is currently in custody awaiting further legal proceedings.

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