Regardless of species, we’re all headbangers when we’re exposed to metal. In this clip, a few good samaritans chose to share some tunes with a local insect who happened to be passing by, instantly turning the arthropod into a full-fledged metalhead.

We’ve seen plenty of metal aficionados cross over from the animal kingdom. Science recently proved that sharks love metal due to the genre’s low frequencies and dense tones, while circle pits and mosh pits have been witnessed in nature for many moons. This insect video is actually a few years old, but it recently popped back up on Facebook, accumulating over 11 million views in a week and being shared over 200,000 times.

Apparently filmed in Hungary, some metalheads opted to share their earbuds with an insect, and the results are pretty unbelievable. The bug actually stops in its tracks and starts headbanging along with the music. Pretty awesome, especially considering how heavy the music played for the little guy was. Much respect!

Some of the music in this clip is obviously dubbed in, but it’s still an entertaining piece of footage. So remember, in a world full of insects mindlessly moving from A to B, be more like the headbanging bug and stop once in a while to appreciate the wonders of our world. Horns up for this six-legged legend. Check out the full video above!

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