UPDATE: Loudwire's picks for the 35 Best Metal Songs of 2021 have been finalized and you can see that list here. For the 35 Best Rock Songs of 2021, head here.

With the hellscape of 2020 deep into the rear view mirror, 2021 came roaring forward with a new era of bangers for the post-pandemic world. Whether released by metal stalwarts or up-and-coming new-bloods, these are the tracks that stood out so far in 2021.

It’s been a fantastic year so far, with death metal legends releasing their best works in over a decade and modern down-tuned acts exploring limitless audio space. A rejuvenated nu-metal scene has delivered groove-laden cuts from the depths, juxtaposing new triumphs in traditional heavy metal and transcendental black metal. So far, 2021 has been a banquet.

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Check out Loudwire’s picks for the Best Metal Songs of 2021 (So Far) in the gallery below.

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2021's Best Metal Songs (So Far)

Loudwire's picks for the best metal songs of 2021 so far.

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