Where does the future of Ratt lie? Though a judge recently shot down an appeal by drummer Bobby Blotzer in a trademark infringement case, seemingly paving the way for Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier and Warren DeMartini to tour under the Ratt moniker, the stickman insists that the fight over the band name is not over yet.

Blotzer posted on Facebook, giving fans of his lineup of Ratt an update on the legal situation as well as offering some commentary on the recent performance led by the three classic-era Ratt members under the band's name. In the posting, he insists that a final judgment has not been made and hints that there are "some very good surprises coming." His full posting on the matter can be read and viewed below:

Hey Rattlers:
Just a small bit of info regarding the three bland mice show over the weekend and where things stand on the legal side :)
Thing look a lot worse than you think. If those lying thieves or anyone not privy to this knows whats going on, it sure as fk ain't over. It it were, where's the judgement?
PREDICTION: Injunction granted W.B.S. Inc RATT on tour all year.
Can't give it all but, I can say with a true tongue, this is definitely not over. Very good surprises coming.
I saw a video of a couple of songs. Groundhog day.
SOS, Snoor
The Crypt Keeper Pearcy and his 15 year old stage garb,
Newz soon. FAHQ

Last November, a judge ruled that Juan Croucier had not infringed upon the band's trademark when using the Ratt name in promotion of his own shows. Blotzer argued that WBS, Inc., the organization founded to handle Ratt's business matters, had the legal rights and that Croucier had long since been expelled from the organization, therefore he no longer had the rights to use the Ratt name.

Earlier this month, a judge denied Blotzer's request to appeal the ruling, once again stating that Croucier's alleged expulsion was never unanimously agreed upon and therefore he still had rights to use the name. Not long after, Pearcy, Croucier and DeMartini played their first show under the Ratt moniker since the legal battle began and they have more performances scheduled this year.

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