A controlled burn is planned for Dubuque’s W. 32nd St. Detention Basin to maintain and monitor the wetland area, manage species invasion, and stimulate native plants for the growing season.

Weather permitting, the burn will be conducted by Applied Ecological Services (AES) on Monday, April 24.

A test fire will be lit to confirm smoke dispersion will not limit visibility on any roadways. If the wind shifts to an unfavorable direction or weather conditions change, the burn will be extinguished. If smoke action is unacceptable at the time of the test fire, the controlled burn will be cancelled. Throughout the test fire and the controlled burn, City of Dubuque Fire Department will be on hand or on call depending on the amount of man power necessary.

The W. 32nd St. Detention Basin has been providing flood protection by reducing peak runoff flows since 2009 and prevents sediment from flowing into the Bee Branch storm sewer, the Bee Branch Creek, and the Mississippi River. The basin features a combination of wetland vegetation, wildflowers, and prairie grasses. The extensive root systems of the grasses improve the ability of the soil to infiltrate water and decrease erosion by anchoring the soil. Prairie grasses also increase organic matter, store carbon, and require less long-term maintenance than traditional landscaping.

For questions, please contact the City of Dubuque Engineering Department at (563) 589-4270.

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