I absolutely loved (and still do) dinosaurs when I was a kid. It could be that I wanted to be a paleontologist and was always digging into the old "Zoobooks" magazines. It was definitely reinforced when my mom took me to the theaters to see Jurassic Park back in 1993 (ouch that hurt). Well now I have another opportunity to see (and take my kids to see) an amazing experience that was in Dubuque back in 2017. I'm talking about the one, and only, Jurassic Quest; and it's back in Iowa!

Credit: Jurassic Quest
Credit: Jurassic Quest

Plan a small trip to enjoy an amazing family-friendly show in Coralville, Iowa and see why Jurassic Quest is America’s biggest and most popular dinosaur event, while walking among them at Xtream Arena & Greenstate Family Fieldhouse, Friday, August 25th through Sunday, August 27th!

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Want a sneak peek of what you'll see at Jurassic Quest? Check out the quick promo below!

Jurassic Quest brings in "skyscraping" dinosaurs for supersized family fun. We're talking your chance to get up close and personal with life-sized, realistic dinos. You'll see them move and roar, all without the fear of being eaten! You'll get to see and interact with herd of life size animatronic dinosaurs including Apatosaurus, Spinosaurus, and an incredible T-Rex! Jurassic Quest spares no expense in bringing the dinosaurs to life and kids (and adults) love it!

Literally loved by millions! That's right, over 2 million followers on Facebook! Jurassic Quest brings families HUGE memories. This amazing indoor adventure offers a load of unique experiences for all ages, and apparently there are some brand new features.

Here's a list of what you can expect at Jurassic Quest in Coralville!

  • You can walk among animatronic dinosaurs! These were created with the help of paleontologists to be as true-to-detail as possible.
  • Enjoy the largest rideable dinosaurs in the USA!
  • Check out the Baby & Walking Dinosaur Shows (like the one seen above)
  • Get the family involved with activities like fossil digs, Jurassic Jeeps, multiple exhibits, inflatables, and a soft play area.
  • Meet the babies like in the video above! Cammie the Camarasaurus, Tyson the T-Rex, and Trixie the Triceratops. They'll be with one of the star "dino trainers."
  • Dig for fossils; check out some real T-Rex teeth, a triceratops horn, and a life-size dinosaur skull; all part of the fossil exhibit.

I'm telling you this is THE place for dino lovers, looking for an exciting and unique experience for the whole family. As always, Jurassic Quest is a very popular experience so advanced ticket purchases are strongly encouraged, and you can find them online here. Hours and dates are Friday, August 25th from noon to 8pm, Saturday, August 26th from 9am to 8pm, and Sunday, August 27th from 9am to 7pm.

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