Onward, the new movie from Disney and Pixar, will be released on March 6 and metalheads finally have some representation within the family-friendly franchise by way of a lovable older brother who is never without his beloved battle jacket.

The character's name is Barley Lightfoot, which, seeing as that's one of the primary ingredients used in making beer, is perfectly befitting of his rocker aesthetic, which consists of spiked wristbands and a patch jacket with fictitious band names such as Smote, Hydra, Hades (despite a few bands already being named Hades), Skull and Quest Master. And, of course, they've all got some edgy metal-looking logos.

In Onward, Barley (voiced by Chris Pratt) and his younger brother Ian (voiced by Tom Holland) are gifted with a special staff upon the arrival of Ian's 16th birthday. The boys' late father left special instructions with their mother, Laurel (voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) to save the staff for this moment. They learn that, after reciting a certain spell, they have the power to bring their father back for 24 hours, meaning Ian would get to meet him for the first time.

During this resurrection, something goes awry though and dear old dad is only bought back to life as a set of legs, leaving the brothers to find a way to summon the rest of him while trying to maintain the secret. So, carrying half a body around town, huh? Sounds metal to us!

Oh, and all of the characters are elves. Do you need any more convincing about how metal this flick is?

Watch the trailer for Onward below.

Onward Movie Trailer

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