On Monday, April 11th Papa Murphy's on JFK Road in Dubuque is donating 20% of their Takeout & Pick up orders to support a great cause; Whispurring Hope Animal Rescue! With this evening of delicious food not only can you support the organization, but you can show one of your Dubuque restaurants a little love too! Confirmations for this event help Papa Murphy's know roughly how many orders to expect & gives you access to full event details. Walk in orders only need to mention Whispurring Hope Animal Rescue to make the donation happen.

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Whispurring Hope Rescue are Dubuque, IA based and have been in the area for over 10 years and fully licensed for 9. The rescue is located in the City of Dubuque and Dubuque County but all veterinarian services are completed in Dyersville. Whispurring Hope Rescue serves any animal within' Dubuque and Dubuque County and throughout the tri-state area. In addition, they occasionally pull from other shelters all over the country that are in need of help. If you’d like to offer a helping hand by fostering cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies, reach out to them, and they will get you in the system. Likewise if you have lost a pet please contact them immediately and they will jump in to help.

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More donations are needed at Whispurring Hope Rescue so anything you can give is appreciated. They are also beginning to collect baskets of whatever goodies you can put together to do an online auction. They are looking to get to at least 30 baskets which will be featured in a month long, daily raffle. Contact Vicky at 563-258-1990 or email them at whispurringhoperescue@gmail.com to donate a basket.

Cat sitting in a cardboard box in Ngwe Saung in Myanmar

Through the last 10 years Whispurring Hope Rescue has helped thousands of animals; from the heart breaking, to the heartwarming. And you can be a part of that story by simply ordering pizza from Papa Murphy’s on Monday April 11th.  Follow the link in the picture below to get involved

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