Every year in Dubuque the need for a sustainable and reliable food source for low income families grows. With your help, our local Boy Scouts of the Northeast Iowa Council #178 hold an event that satisfies this great need, along with the help of local Dubuque Hy-Vees. Scouting for food takes place each year in the early spring, and just occurred last weekend on April 23rd. The event is a labor of great pride for our local community and scouts. This service project began in 1990 and continues to be a necessary event to provide our local food pantries with over 3 months of food. Of course, Scouting for Food doesn’t just collect non-perishable food items, its also collects every day items that people need; things like toiletries, baby care products, formula, and more.

This year there was a tremendous amount of giving and….

attachment-scouting for food
Scouting For Food Facebook Post (Melissa Neuhaus)

12,920 pounds worth of items were donated and collected. This huge offering will certainly help families in need; especially with the variety and amount of food, personal supplies, and paper products that have now been provided to the Dubuque Food Pantry!

In addition, monetary donations are the easiest thing to give, and it provides our local pantries with flexibility and the ability to allocate funds to the items people truly need that were maybe not provided. Let me be one of the first to say thank you to the Northeast Iowa Council #178 and their scouts for helping our local community stock its always emptying food pantries. You may not see the impact you make, but, to a lot of local families out there, you are a God send. And remember giving doesn’t just end now, donations are needed all year long. Our food pantries are a necessity to those in need.

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