Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but who thinks of toads at a time like this. Well, the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium does! And they want your love to grow just like their Wyoming Toad population!

Credit: Tom Drake Wyoming Toad Exhibit at the River Museum
Credit: Tom Drake                              Wyoming Toad Exhibit at the River Museum

Now through Feb. 12, the river museum is giving you the chance to name a tadpole, one of their 16 available breeding toads, or a breeding pair in honor of your sweetie! I mean, how many times in a life can you say a warty little creature like this was romantic, right?

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Here's the deal, the population of Wyoming Toads declined dramatically in the 1970s, and by January of 1984, it was listed on the Endangered Species Act. Since joining the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and Association of Zoos & Aquarium Species Survival Plan Program in 2008, the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium's conservation team has helped release more than 50,000 toads back to the wild.

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When you make your donation to "Toad-ally in Love" you will receive a certificate with your tadpole or toad’s name just in time for Valentine’s Day, a perfect gift for your friends, loved ones, or even to yourself! Skip the flowers and "gift" a toad. You can also stop by the River Museum now through Valentine’s Day to share your love for your family and friends with a "Toad Note" at both of our Box Offices!

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Your love and participation in the "Toad-ally in Love" program extends to the river museums conservation efforts. The goal is to help them reach $7,500 to fund improvements in the breeding habitat at the River Museum and support our local team’s efforts in the Wyoming Toad’s habitat, located in Albany County, Wyoming.

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