According to a press release, the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services has announced that UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital in Dubuque is now the third hospital in Iowa to be recognized for readiness to provide emergency care for children through the state’s new Iowa Pediatric Emergency Assessment and Care Recognition Program or IPEAC.

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What is exactly is IPEAC?

IPEAC is a new offering designed by the Iowa HHS Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) program. Iowa Pediatric Emergency Assessment and Care Recognition Program recognizes the work of hospitals of all sizes to ensure each is prepared to provide initial stabilization, treatment, and any needed transfers to definitive care for ill and injured children in Iowa.

Credit: Nicole Riley
Credit: Nicole Riley

“IPEAC focuses on support, encouragement and resource sharing to help raise the bar for pediatric care in all Iowa hospitals. We are so proud of UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital’s work in pediatric care. This recognition really demonstrates that hospitals of all sizes can achieve the program goals and provide quality emergency care for children.”

-Margot McComas, chief of Iowa HHS’s Bureau of Emergency Medical and Trauma Services.

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How Do Hospitals Qualify or Become Confirmed?

UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital participated in the IPEAC pilot program last fall, and then picked up the program, which was also offered to all 117 Iowa hospitals. To be recognized, hospitals must complete an application that includes requirements for equipment, training, and support of pediatric patients and their families. Evaluation of applicants capabilities included a visit to the hospital.

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“We are proud to be the third hospital in the state to receive this recognition. It really underscores our work to care for patients of all ages. We are grateful for the support provided by this new program, which will help to ensure that Iowa's health care facilities are ready and able to provide the best emergency help for children."

-Chad Wolbers, President and CEO of UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital.

Iowa Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) is a program of the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Emergency Medical and Trauma Services. EMSC's goal is to ensure that emergency personnel are properly trained in pediatrics; that ambulances and emergency departments have the equipment, supplies, and medications needed to treat children of all sizes; and that well-defined pediatric treatment protocols and procedures are in place.

IPEAC and EMSC are funded by a federal grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration.

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