It is fully spooky season. Our interests are peaked with ghouls, goblins, and... aliens? It seems so, as the latest research reports from the National UFO Reporting Center have been released with astonishing growth in the number of reports across the United States.

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Unidentified Flying Objects, commonly known as UFOs, have fascinated humanity for decades. These enigmatic aerial phenomena are objects or lights in the sky that defy conventional explanations. UFO sightings have been reported worldwide, sparking a plethora of theories and debates. While skeptics often attribute sightings to natural phenomena, weather balloons, or human-made aircraft, believers argue that some UFOs could be extraterrestrial in origin.

Despite the controversy, UFOs remain a subject of intense interest, with governments declassifying previously classified documents and scientific organizations actively studying the phenomenon. Whether they represent advanced technology, atmospheric anomalies, or the mysteries of the cosmos, UFOs continue to capture our imaginations.

When it comes to UFO hotspots in the good ole' USA, our friends in Illinois placed themselves at #9 in the top 10 list with a total of 4,247 sightings in the land of Lincoln. The United States top 10 shakes down like this.

  • 10) North Carolina: 3,630 sightings
  • 9) Illinois: 4,247 sightings
  • 8) Ohio: 4,412 sightings
  • 7) Arizona: 4,909 sightings
  • 6) Pennsylvania: 4,984 sightings
  • 5) New York: 5,834 sightings
  • 4) Texas: 6,107 sightings
  • 3) Washington: 7,145 sightings
  • 2) Florida: 8,205 sightings
  • 1) California: 16,084 sightings

In the rest of the Midwest, Iowa had a reported 1,212 sightings and Wisconsin reported 2,430 sightings. Overall, there are contributing factors to consider when taking into account these sighting numbers.

Credit: Kseniia LukianÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂhikova
Credit: Kseniia LukianÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂhikova

UFO sightings are influenced by various elements, including geography, population density, climate, military presence, and media coverage. States with diverse landscapes like often report more sightings due to their varied terrains. Urban areas with higher population density, conducive to more potential witnesses, tend to have increased UFO reports. Regions with clear skies and mild climates offer favorable viewing conditions for these phenomena. States with military bases, often see more UFO sightings, possibly linked to military activities and aircraft. Additionally, areas with a history of sightings tend to garner greater media attention, further fueling public fascination with UFOs.

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