I was up watching TV last night around 9:30 when I heard several loud booms in my neighborhood in Dubuque.  That was followed by about a dozen more booms.  I could tell it wasn't any type of gun fire.  It was obvious it was someone shooting off fireworks in my neighborhood.  I know fireworks are legal to BUY in the city of Dubuque, but I was pretty sure it is illegal to shoot fireworks within the city limits of Dubuque.  Turns out I was right.

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According to the City of Dubuque, under current City Code, the discharge/use of “consumer fireworks” remains prohibited in Dubuque. The law pertains to a certain type of fireworks.  Consumer fireworks typically have packaging stating “Consumer Fireworks, 1.4G, UN0336.”

The City of Dubuque continues to allow the use of “novelty fireworks” such as party poppers, snappers, drop pops, snakes, and some sparklers. Novelty fireworks may not have more than 0.25 grains of explosive mixture and must state on their packaging “not subject to D.O.T. Hazardous Materials Regulations.”

Iowa legislation permits  the sale and use of fireworks during limited dates – unless a city or county chooses to otherwise restrict or prohibit usage of fireworks, which the City of Dubuque does.

Any violation of the City’s ordinance limiting or prohibiting fireworks constitutes a simple misdemeanor with a fine no less than $250. Residents who wish to report illegal firework should call the non-emergency dispatch number, 563-589-4415.

If you are looking for additional information on fireworks in Dubuque, please contact Dubuque Fire Marshal Kevin Esser at 563-589-4161 or email Kesser@cityofdubuque.org.


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